Warrnambool Men's Shed AGM 2018

2 August 2018
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2 August 2018, Comments: 0



Phone Contacts: 0481066613 (Phil)

Welcome by President Max Mc.ean

 Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting 4th July 2017 read and received:

Moved Trevor Niklaus, 2nd.  Barry Kaine. Confirmed.

Review of actions from previous AGM:   No outstanding matters

Annual Report:

Presented by President Max McKean

Our shed membership continued to grow during the year however our lack of space is a deterrent for the shed to be involved in many of the projects requests by community groups.

Late last year the Victorian Sate Government announced funding for a new Special School to be completed in August 2019.  As a result, the shed completed a draft proposal to build a new shed on land currently occupied by Special School portable classrooms.  Unfortunately, SEAL closed in March and we were not able to get a 5 year lease of land to build a new shed which is a requirement for the $60,000 State Government grant for a new shed. We were recently informed by Southern Grampians Adult Education, who replaced SEAL, that their lease with the Education Department has been delayed and that we should apply to the Department to gain a lease of land to build a new shed. As a result, we will start communications with the Education Department to obtain a 5 year lease immediately.

Valuable income continues to be received as a result of the bike assembly at Kmart although the financial return for the time taken to assemble bikes is questionable.

The two new 20 foot containers were installed next to our 40 foot container. Then late in the year the Education Department moved all the containers and the double garage further away from our shed to allow new portable classrooms to be installed in their place for the Special School.

The purchase of new machinery enabled members to complete projects to a higher standard and in a timelier manner.  The equipment enabled members to learn many new skills which is rewarding and contributing to improved health outcomes for members which is an important goal of our shed.

It is apparent that a larger shed would result in more members and enable us to undertake many more project request we receive from not for profit organisations.

The camaraderie amounts members continues to be a strength of our shed.

Moved Phil   Seconded Trevor that presidents report be accepted.

Financial Report.

A Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss report was presented to the meeting by treasurer Grant Brissett.

Income:  $13,990.05      Expenditure:   $18,160.76      Current bank balance $5,933.16

Opening Balance Sheet:  June 30th.  2017 To June 30th.  2017 $ 10,103.87

Add Income:

  1. Hunter Leisure (K-mart bikes): $5,694.05
  2. Sales/Donate: (Tenancy, Internet, Jobs, Lyndoch) $ 7,523.00
  3. Memberships: $ 773

Total Income: $ 13,990.05   

Less Expenses:

  1. Bank Fees: $29.10
  2. Equipment: $868.10
  3. Gen Expense: (Tenancy, Internet, VMSA & 3WAY FM Memberships, Insurance, SEAL training) $3,435.24
  4. Kitchen: $474.39
  5. Capital Expenditure: (tools, containers & electrical): $11,967.27
  6. Sales Expenses: $1,386.66

Total Expenses. ($ 18,160.76)   

Total Loss (4,170.71)

Closing Balance Sheet:  June 30th.  2018 To June 30th.  2017 $ 5,933.16

Proposed resolution that financial statements tabled at the meeting be accepted:

Moved:  Max McKean                        Seconded: Trevor Niklaus     Carried

Copy of full report attached.

Acting Chair:    Phil Pettingill

Election of Office Bearers:

President:                    Max McKean.  Nominated by Tony, 2nd Trevor N Carried.

Vice President:            Trevor Niklaus.   Nominated by Phil, 2nd Max Carried

Secretary:                    Phil Pettingill.    Nominated by Grant, 2nd Trevor N Carried

Treasurer:                    Grant Brissett.   Nominated by Trevor N, 2nd Barry Carried

Election of Committee Ordinary Members:

 Written nominations received by Secretary:

Barry Kaine, Tony Anderson, Les Donald, Brian Charles, Andrew Synnes,

Meeting confirmed nominations.

Membership Fees:

Moved by Phil that the annual membership fee be increased from $25 to $30 and become due on the 1st of March 2019. That the membership fee for all new members joining after the 1st of September 2018 pay a fee of $20.  All member’s annual fees expire on the 30th of February 2019.

Seconded:  Andrew.   Carried

New Business:

Treasurer Grant moved that any purchases exceeding $100 will require the approval of at least two office bearers. The names of the office bearers approving the purchase is to be recorded by the treasurer and details be presented to the next committee meeting.

Seconded: Phil   Carried.

Meeting Closed 11.35am

Phil Pettingill (Secretary)



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