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7 August 2018
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7 August 2018, Comments: 0

Current Membership is still only $25 per year and is effective from 1st. March 2018 to 1st. March 2019. New members joining after 1st. September 2018,  will be required to pay a pro-rata contribution of $20.

Next year a membership fee of $30 will be effective from 1st. March 2019 to 1st. March 2020 with a pro-rata rate, after 1st September of $25.

Process for membership renewal:

The member is expected to pay by the due date of  in the current calendar year. If the member has not renewed by this time, a text, email or verbal reminder is given to the member, with a request for payment within the next 2 weeks.

In the case of hardship, the membership coordinator will discuss the appropriate arrangements, in confidence, with the Executive Committee.

Memberships covers under our insurance policy, access to workshop and equipment, kitchen facilities, (including milk, tea and coffee).

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